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Glassfish still sold without dye injection?

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When I was a kid, they had these painted glassfish that everyone though looked cool until they found out the truth behind how they made them painted. They had to inject them in a process that killed like 80% of them. What a shame.

I am glad to see that no store carry these painted glassfish anymore which is good however the bad news is that I don't see the regular(non-painted) version of the fish anymore either.

Has anyone ever seen these glassfish for sale anymore?

I am not talking about the glass catfish but rather just the glassfish or Indian glass fish.



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Hmm, I believe (I don't pay much mind to clear fish anymore) I have seen Indian Glassfish as well as Humphead glassfish (and other clear fish species as well) for sale still at my LFS. I think I might have even seen them at some of my local Petco/Petsmart.
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