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Glass Store?

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Some of the threads in the journals section have got me really tempted to try my hand at a home made nano tank. Anyone in the metro area know where to buy glass cut to order?

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Any "glass and window" shop will be able to do it. For instance:

You're looking for a window shop that does custom windows. Though they often go by some variety of "xx glass". Like heartland glass, or viking glass, etc. Prices vary some, but not much.

For a nano, can prob get what you need from some hardware shops, however cuts won't be as good or precise.
Thanks. Will start calling around to some window shops.
Home Depot sells pre-cut glass panes. They are usually on the back wall near the windows and they are pretty cheap:

Haven't really ever looked to see if the sizes could be matched to make 5 sides of a tank though.
Thanks, will check there as well.
This is where i have gotten glass cover slips made for tanks. The can custom cut whatever sizes you want. Don't know how far you live from them. Pricing was very reasonable.

A & A Glass Dallas Street
Aurora, CO 80010

(303) 364-7438
i think L & L glass on 60th and wads would be closer, if your going to do a small tank you might see if they have scraps and get a better deal or use low iron glass as the ammout u use will be small so cost shouldnt be high at all they should be able to smooth the sides to if you choose not to use sandpaper.
Thanks everyone. I have about half dozen places now to work with. Now I just have to determine size. I'd like to do the low iron option, and will definitely be having the edged smoothed by the shop. Currently considering 10 x 30 x 8 as a size to fit on a thin breakfast bar type counter for 3 sided viewing (and I have a 30" T5NO already). I like NWA's in-tank sump idea as well, to keep the area around the tank less cluttered.

Again, thanks for the help everyone! This may be my first shrimp tank. Although I guess this size really isn't nano, is it?
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