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glass lily pipe?

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What's a good lily pipe for a flu Val 106 and 306. Not looking to break the bank but want decent quality. What size of tubing is needed if any one knows. Thanks.
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I have Fluval 306, and I ordered evilbay item 260554719380 (16mm Aquatic Magic). I used 5/8 ID clear hose, and it perfectly with a little warm water. I didn't need to use any hose clamps on the pipes. I really didn't care for the clear hose much though, it's very rigid, a pain to work with, and eventually looks dirty anyway. The hose also didn't hook up to the Fluval that nicely since it's so thick, but it did work.

I eventually swapped out the glass pipes for stainless ones and the clear hose for the black flexible fluval hose. The lily pipes look fantastic when they are clean, but that doesn't seem to last that long. The stainless pipes I have look great all the time because they never get nasty.
Or at least you can't see when they get nasty. :)
I keep breaking my glass ones so they never get a chance to get nasty.
I try and stay away from Clear tubing myself. Exposure to light will cause eventual algae growth.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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