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Glass co2 Diffuser not bubbling

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I just recently got my diffuser with high hopes, I hooked it up to my DIY system that worked with a regular airstone that constantly produced bubbles. When i set up the diffuser bubbles dont come through the ceramic, trapping the pressure in the tube and reactor, which ended up shooting off the rubber stopper on my reactor twice. There is big pressure present obviously and bubbles rush out when i squeeze the bottle, but any other time the diffuser is dead. Any suggestions?
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Ceramic disks usually wont work with a DIY CO2 system. The micro-pores in a ceramic disk are much smaller than a regular air stone, meaning that there needs to be a lot more pressure than a DIY system can create. You can try the chopstick method, which is just taking the cylindrical end of a chopstick and fitting that into the airline tube.
well this morning i woke up and its pumping some bubbles out...not a huge amount but enough to keep a constant bubble going. I'm just worried that the amount of bubbles may not be enough and boom, there goes the top to my reactor
You really dont want pressure building up in your DIY Co2. It can get messy. I recommend not using the ceramic/glass diffusor. I would go with the airstone.
ive used glass diffusers for the whole time i was using diyco2 with not an issue. only time it took more than an hour or so to push bubbles thru was when i had a leak in my system.

ive used ada and the cheap ebay glass diffusers with no issue
^^what he said...I used a ceramic/glass diff. with DIY for months...until I could save enough for pressurized

only real downside was periodic cleaning

...also check the sig
What CO2 tubing are you using? if you are using the regular tubing for airstones and such this is probablly where the problem lies.

Im using top fin silicon air tubing..Im in the process of bleach cleaning my glass diffuser hoping that that will clear up some clogs? Anyway, if that doesn't work ill get something else. Will a ceramic airstone fail just as bad as the glass diffuser because my fish stores around here dont carry wooden airstones..failure.
You can try replacing the silicon tubing with CO2 pressure proof tubing.

Its normal that the Ceramic diffuser generates back pressure and if connections are not made securely can cause poor tube connections to fail. To prevent this from happening the key thing is to use a good silicone tube and utilize a wedge (in the pic I am using a hollow brass nipple cut from an air tube T connector) to secure the tube within the cap.

See the pics below showing my method I'm trying to describe when I did the DIY and a similar nipple.

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my ceramic/glass diffuser is working just fine with my diy co2 set up.
Im actually using a check valve directly connected into a rubber stopper that fits unbelievablly airtight into the ocean spray bottle. The problem isnt with building pressure into the tube, rather having it penetrate the ceramic disc.
I appreciate all the feedback i've gotten already even though im just new to the site.
Im sorry...I focused on the person saying you cant use DIY CO2 and a ceramic diffuser and didnt ready your post

your problem is the rubber stopper...the friction between the rubber and the plastic isnt high should switch over to something with a threaded cap

try it and if you see bubbles...that was your problem
Nah its extremely airtight because when i use an airstone it works flawlessly.
^^not necessarily...I bet you can blow thru an airstone easily
if you can blow thru your ceramic diffuser Ill give you a cookie ;) (not really but Im baking cookies so theyre on the mind right now),,,I bet the pressure on teh cermaic diffuser is a full magnitude higher than the sand airstone

...but if your problem is that rubber stopper popping off of the bottle...then you need to replace the rubber stopper entirely and go with a threaded cap

...random FYI, most threaded caps (and nuts and bolts ftm) are designed so that the cap(nut) will fail before the threads [under normal conditions]

...replace that component and you shouldnt have problems.
Is the glass diffuser supposed to fill with water before it works?
If the diffuser is filling with water, it means that CO2 is not keeping the water out. It's either turned off or you have a leak somewhere. Often the diffuser will be full of water in the morning if, the CO2 has been shut off all night. When the CO2 is turned on with sufficient pressure, the water will be forced out.

Sorry, I should have read the thread before posting. It sounds like your CO2 pressure is low either, from low output of a leak.
Nah right now theres no water in it and theres pressure built up in the bottle cause i can barely squeeze it im just waiting for the bubbles to be pushed through..any suggestions? Dont want another rubber stopper shot off at my ceiling:p
yes water will run into the diffuser during doesnt harm anything

my last try REPLACE THE RUBBER STOPPER with a screw on cap
Yeah ill try that if it pops off again..thanks
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