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Glass Cat lost half his whiskers

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I have a glass cat and he's housed with live bearers only. What could have caused him to lose half of both of his whiskers?
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He chewed through a power cord! Jk that happened to our chinchilla at work and it blew all the whiskers on one side of his face off. What livebearers exactly are you keeping him with?
Do you have sharp substrate/hardscape?

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He is being kept with a bunch of guppies and a molly. There is also a Chinese algae eater.

The substrate is play sand.. Not sharp at all a far as I know. Plus I never see him that close the bottom.

Are guppies nippers? He tends to keep to himself for the most part and I never see them by him.

After losing the portions he still isn't acting weird or anything and he eats still.

Will they grow back at least?
When cory cats lose their barbels it's usually due to a really high amount of nitrates in the water or sharp substrate. Since you have playsand I would lean towards your water parameters being the culprit. How often do you perform water changes? If you increase your frequency it might help. Not sure if the CAE could be a culprit since I've never kept one, but I heard they can be problematic once they stop eating algae.
+1 on water quality issues, glass cats are very sensative.
If water parameter's are in order, my money is on the chinese alage eater which oddly aren't from china and are very poor community fish as they grow larger (5to 6 inches).
I'm having a similar problem with my ghost cats. I received the same suggestions re: reducing nitrates (difficult because my tap water has pretty high nitrates to start with) and increasing the flow in the tank since ghost/glass cats prefer a strong current.
That explains why he swims at the outlet most of the day. I'll up the water change for a bit and hope that's it which is likely. Thanks guys. Also, do you know if they'll grow back?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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