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Glad Join The Forum - Looking For A Plant ID

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Hello all,

I'm a nativeNY'er living in Europe, and finally took the time to join the forum. I enjoy breeding livebearers, and until last year the only plants I'd really worked with were meant for hiding fry (miles of vals, armfuls of hornwort, etc...); but this site has been invaluable for insight and info since trying my hand at a genuine planted tank.

I was wondering if anyone can offer some insight on what plant this might be in the pictures. LFS received several unlabeled pots of them as part of their most recent shipment, and the color was such a blatant departure from the usual green pallet that I had to buy a bundle. For the equivalent of $3 for a pot of 3 already at 6", there was no way to go wrong!!

It's certainly variegated, but the pictures aren't giving this plant it's proper due. I don't know whether it's "marbled" or "white," whether it needs to be buried or not - I'm really only guessing that it's some variety of Anubias by the shape of the leaves, for that matter - but it's absolutely stunning.

Any / all insight is welcomed....and this is a great forum!!



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It's a member of the anubias' family, aracae; but it isn't aquatic like anubias.
That's a popular house plant called syngonium.
JMN16150, Wasserpest -

I guess this confirms just how "new" I am to aquatic plants!! :icon_conf

Thanks for the heads-up: no way in the world I would have ever figured it out solo. Now comes the real pain: having to in and dig it up.
Don't at all feel silly about it cause Petco sells "Mondo grass" which is a lawn trimming
to people for their aquariums. And don't bother to tell that to the corporation which supplies them either..."but they sell all of it we send them so people must like it."
Right...I'll put it next to the flourescnt orange Roman columns.
No question in my mind the supplier wanted to test the water ( pun intended) by sending these. From 200 bundles of plants shipped, it's pretty coincidental that these would ship without a label. They're a good bunch of people at my LFS, though; and were quick to point out they had no idea what these were. 3 bucks is only 3 bucks - but the real truth is; I should have done my research beforehand.

I still have a few of those little cramped plastic fry hatcheries hidden somewhere, so think I'll just try these as emersed on the side of one of my growout tanks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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