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I am in the process of setting up a new GLA regulator with three blocks. I can't seem to get the first block to work. I read somewhere that you may need a higher pressure with multiple blocks so I started at 30psi and worked up to 60 psi but I can't seem to get the first block to work. when I turned up the pressure a little it would work for a minute or so then stopped again. The last two blocks work great from 30 -60 psi. I think I may pull it off the cylinder and see if something is blocking it. Has anyone run into this? I'm sure it is probably operator error.

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NVM I found the answer in an old thread. Total rockie error. I have three reactors with a check valve before each one. I turned one of the valves around. I'm getting old....

Turned it around and everything is working as it should.
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