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Hello so I'm doing a complete tank breakdown selling my extra supplies as Ive been focusing on dart frog vivariums and have lost interest in having my high tech setup. I have more threadleaf (dwarf needle leaf) java fern available then pictured as that is a portion. for the plants 2 day priorty mail is 6.80$ other items depend on location/type of shipping used.

Eheim pro 2073- 75$
(In perfect condition, does not include tubing or the original input output. I do have a pair of lily pipes that I used with this I will include for an extra 10$. Includes pre filter sponge, and 3 trays filled with a mix of eheim and seachem biological media)

Eheim ecco 2236- 50$
(Includes all media and original input/output. Only thing not included is the tubing)

5/8 lily pipes-15$
(I have a snake cleaner that I will include for free)

Eheim surface skimmer-15$

Koralia nano 425 power head-15$

Thread leaf (dwarf needle leaf) Java fern- 15$ a nice clump
(Rare Java fern blades only reach about 5 inches, originally purchased from hanaquatics for like 12 dollars for 3 blades, very good deal couple clumps available)

Anubias nana petite-15$
would like to sell all of it together

Aquatic life t5ho duel lamp 36inch fixture-40$
(Has a combo of giessman aqua flora and midday. Bulbs have been used for about 4 months)

Feel free to PM if you have questions or want pics of any other items I have listed :)
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