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> Tank 125G
> Pressurized Co2 1 Hour on/off Before lights
> Gravel Substrate
> Lights 2x 32' Planted SBREEF lights , Lowest Settings on all channels
> Community tank ( Discus , BGK , etc )
> Dose Liquid Ferts 3x a week , 50% water change every week

Looking for some help , So I have been dosing liquid ferts ( Seachem products ) and someone on the Facebook forums recommended that I switched too dry ferts and really get that dialed in . so I ordered GLA



EDTA Micro Mix + EDTA+DTPA Micro Mix

so , I found on GLA website "PPS Method" would this be a good method for me ? I tried using the Butterfly site or whatever its called but it confused me .

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With the ferts you have you can mimic any liquid fertilizer. And yes, with a tank that size dry ferts are much cheaper and you can control the level of each compound.

As to what you should be dosing, that is a difficult question to answer with the information you provided.

What are the goals for the tank? What type of plants? Any pics of the tank.

Have you seen any tanks that are similar in style to what you have in mind?

And whatever you do need to keep in mind the needs of the Discus. The same thing that will make some plants thrive may not be good them.

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Because of the Discus I would like a Medium too low light planted tank . I have very simple plants right now

- Ludwigia Repens

- Alternanthera Reinnekii

- Hygrophila corymbosa

- Hornwort


all pretty easy plants .

My goals is too add some

Rotala MOSYLY REDS , And Maybe some Crypt

I just want too get my tank dialed in and get the Co2 at the 1.0 PH drop so that I can get away from the algae issues I am having , but also missing allot of nutrients from my water colony .

No , I have not seen any tanks for reference as too mine . I am very new too the planted world and just want too save money on liquid ferts by creating my own while knowing I am dosing everything I need into the water colony
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