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GLA Co2 Setup Problem - Can you help?

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I just bought a brand new system from GLA and I'm having some problems. Hoping that maybe someone else that has more experience can help. When I initially set up the system, I opened the main tank a couple of turns. I think the main gauge reads 800. Then I turned the screw for the other gauge until it read 10. Then I set the bubble counter to one per second. Problem is when I came back 10 minutes later, it had stopped. To make matters worse, when I tried opening the needle valve, no bubbles? The gauge was still reading 10. So I opened it till the gauge read 15. Tried the bubble counter and it was working again. I set it as before and then waited. About 5 minutes later it had stopped again. Open the needle valve and nothing! I tried the gauge at 20 and again, the bubble counter started working again but then several minutes later, the same thing. I don't want to open it up anymore until I get some advice. The other issue is that this needle valve is soooo sensitive. It goes from no bubbles to full open when I barely turn it. Is that supposed to happen? I could sure use some help here if anyone has a few minutes to post. Thanks.
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By no means am I an expert and I am sure one will be along shortly. A thought occurred to me though, if you are using a GLA inline diffuser, I think that you need at least 30 PSI to force the CO2 through the ceramic. It could be that as you increase the pressure, it just builds up between the regulator and the diffuser until it is equal to what you have set. I can see the bubbles in the counter stopping then. Then you increase pressure and it goes again until the pressure builds back up to the new pressure setting and stops. Just a thought.
You were right on Turningdizzy! They wrote back and told me that the inline diffuser needs 35 psi. I will try this and see if it corrects. Thanks.
You were right on Turningdizzy! They wrote back and told me that the inline diffuser needs 35 psi. I will try this and see if it corrects. Thanks.
Never used an inline but my ceramic atomizer from gla will not work at less than 30psi
Patience, I run a similar setup and it takes several minutes for all the components in your chain to pressurize/stabilize after start up. Wait a few minutes and then adjust the working pressure and the needle valve. It's all variable - dependent on your equipment. Typically with an inline diffuser you'll need to run 30-45 of working pressure along with needle valve tweaking to find the sweet spot where your bubble counter is steady and where you want it.
After adjusting the working pressure to 35 psi, the bubble counter began working normally again. The directions are unclear because the video on the bottom of the GLA page clearly states to turn the pressure to 10 psi which is just wrong. Oh well, working good now.
I think the same person must write the info on computer problems. All the info needed except for one or two really important things?
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