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gla atomic diffusors

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How do i know what size gla atomic diffusor to get. My regulator does 60 psi max. Also the one with the built in check valve does that mean i dont need to buy another check valve?
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How big is your tank? They come with built in check valves, but they leak. Don't trust them and get one anyway.
56 gallon. So they leak.. would prolly be better off buying one without check valve? Whqt about a different brand diffusor?
If the check valve on the diffuser and the ones on some bubble counters all leak, is putting a metal check valve between the bubble counter and the needle valve the best place to have one?

Is there a particular brand like Swagelok or Clippard that is recommended?

How many check valves are too many that will affect system performance?
They don't leak too bad but they do leak. I would put a check valve between BC and diffuser.
will do... gonna buy the gla check valve, 70mm diffusor, and the double drop checker, yessss cant wait!!!
Hang on. What was the answer to the original question: How do I know which size GLA Atomic diffusor to get?
Never really got that answer.....
You can email Orlando at GLA and he will give you a suggestion. However, I just went with the biggest - used it in my 90 gallon orginially, now have it in the 10 gallon in my office. The price differences weren't that big between the different sizes.
I emailed GLA. They said for a 55g, go with at least a 60mm diffuser.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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