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gimme some ideas

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ok, this is what i have, a 12x12x12 cube (7 gal), 65w lights, and a bag of flourite.i dont have an unlimited budget,so give me some direction. i'm thinking of a small canister filter,diy co2 for now, a nice big piece of driftwood,maybe some black sand for the topping .
should i use peat moss under the flourite? please give me some ideas to start off with. i want to add a couple of blue rams and a few ottos for fauna.
what kind of plants what you recomend?
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I'm not sure about the rams in 7 gallons, espeically the small tank size. They are usually peaceful but can be territorial come breeding time. The set-up you said sounds good! Peat moss, you can just without it, but it doesn't do any harm if you do. I use it on the bottom layer since it doesn't hurt.
In less than 15 gals for the rams they will be aggressive even with each other. I tried a pair in a 10 gal and the male kept killing any female that was put in with him.
ok,maybe i'll nix the rams. but they have so much personality. i'm looking for some ideas. any thoughts on other colorfull fish that has some personality ?
how about plants .what would you do and were would you get them ?
Best place to get plants is here on the forum. I have seen some nice packages go for a reasonable price.

On fish, what I would suggest is you look around on some online sites that sell fish and kind of get an Idea of what you like then post here for questions about if it would fit.

You might like the look of the dwarf puffers. A five gal could possible hold 3 of them. They have lots of personality. Just do a google of them and check them out. From what I understand you can keep oto's with them.
umm fish with personality, cories are good, they have no sense of fear, space, territory, and always swim around non-stop 24/7 since they are active both at night and day. They are small enough to fit too. Never heard of a cory killing another fish.
I would advise caution in a tank your size with rams (being that they need more footprint space as they are more bottom situated) but a 10 gallon is perfect for a pair.

a betta splendens (the ones you see in petstores) sounds like the fish for you! I have yet to have a boring betta, they all have diffrent personalitys and aggression levels, but I have never had one attack anything, and have become quite attached to my past bettas (though I only have females now). in a 7g maybe a male betta, 2 otos, and lots of plants.
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