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Giant Puffer in Aquarium City

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If any of you have been to Aquarium City in Canoga Park CA, have you ever seen that giant (I meant giant...) fw puffer in one of their low-tech tanks?

While browsing through the plants and inspecting them REALLL close to my eyes, I got startled by a giant freshwater puffer making his way through the tank. I am not kidding about it being giant. The thing was bigger than both of my fists put together, with eyes the size of a dime. Yet somehow... I didn't see it earlier because it was hiding. Poor thing though... it was at least 8 inches long, and stuffed in a 20 gallon with plants everywhere. It looked miserable. There was algae growing on the poor fellow... Anywho, I was wondering what kind of puffer it is and if the thing is just bigger than normal...

Here's what it looked like:

Just imagine this guy in the picture, multiply him by 5, and imagine green algae on him.
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