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Giant Bettas

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Anybody have information about this bettas?
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I dont have them but from what I remember, their requirements are the same as a regular betta. They're actually a hybrid of some other type of betta.
You talking about Betta unimaculata? If you are wanting info on them get your hands on the March 2006 edition of Tropical fish hobbiest. There was an article on page 94 of that issue on this fish
yah I think I saw that magazine issue. The guy was going to find the king of bettas in indonesia or something. It look like a huge river with some caves. That betta was huge almost the lenth of his palm as he was holding it. I think thats the one you want. I think they look good but the fins are not fancy.
I think sowilu means the standard giant 'betta splendens' that's been around for a few years. They're twice as big as a standard betta.

cool, I found the link for story on the origins of the giant betta.
Wow they are nicer then the king of betta one I saw in the magazine but a little smaller. These are the barry bonds of bettas.
Thanks guys, I was just curios to know about them. Don't know might get one in the near future.
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