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Ghp question!

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I'm starting up my planted 55gallon this week at some stage...

I probably should have checked this out beforehand.. :-(
(Excuse my ignorance cos this is my first planted tank)

The only plants I will be using are Pygmy Sword Chins and Java Moss (No co2)

I was going to use two HOB filters, Because I cant afford an external filter atm

The Aquael Led Uv 1000 (will do 1000lph), And this Elite stingray 15, (will do 300lph)

It works out doing 1300lph (286 gallons per hour)

Which is.... 5.2 Turnover rate per hour...

Is it enough???

Since getting into this hobby I realise that people who own aquariums are without doubt genius!

Thanks Errryybody! :)

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There can be no single "right" number because all tanks are different with different owners doing it all different ways. It sometimes takes a bit of time and watching. Much will depend the fish you might have. If testing shows all the ammonia is being taken care of by the filter, I look to cheaper things like powerheads if I need more current.

That all aside, it does seem you should have plenty in most cases.
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