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Ghostie mix up?

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I had the opportunity today to get some more ghost shrimp from PetSmart(the only place that sells them around here) to add to my tank so my male won't be lonely anymore. I noticed as I was acclimating them that one male had red wristbands and some red antennae. My roommate said his arms looked kind of long compared to the other male that was in the container with him.
Other than this, he looks like a male ghost shrimp. Does the red markings mean he is a macrobrachium? I kept him separate just in case.

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Pics needed...

Does it look like these? (Photo from shrimptank)

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No, it's clear except for white spots and stripes(like a ghostie) and the red I mentioned. It's probably half an inch long.
There is no black.
Nah, I think you're safe. I've seen ghost shrimp like that before. There are two main types or ghosts sold in big box chains like PetSmart. One has the red/orange, and the other does not.
Thank you! I am so glad, since the only other tank I have is a 1 gallon bowl. I did not want to keep him in there or give him back since the store is several miles away.
I got this one @ Petsmart, it ate 25% of my male betta's fins. Note the long claws with little red bands.

I had to put it down.

If you see it attacking other species I'd take it out. No sense worrying till it happens.
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Poor betta... My betta fish tear the ghost shrimp alive xD

I like ghost shrimp because you can see their guts/ stomach moving while they are eating.
some of the ones i got from petsmart i think look like that.. with the red antennae. i took out all the ghost shrimp i got from petsmart and i plan on going to the LFS today to get some RCS or Amanos
Xenxes- That's what he looks like, except no green spotting and he's missing an eye. They're in a ghost shrimp only, 5 gallon tank. I don't want them eating each other, that's what I was worried about.
Ghost shrimp shouldn't eat each other, but they definitely will eat other species when they get large enough. My large male ghost has the same red antennae/red band that yours has, and gave it to some of his offspring.
I have a big ghost shrimp like the one in Xenxes picture. He is pretty docile tho.
When I was transporting them home, I think the female got very hungry. Cause they were intact when I got them. When I went to acclimate them, the red banded one had an eye missing and the clear male had part of a leg missing.
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