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Ghost shrimp with Cherry shrimps

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Will ghost shrimps bully or eat cherry shrimps???
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i used to keep cherries and ghost together but the ghost shrimp are mean.
they steal the food for themselves all the time.
so i removed the ghost shrimp because i like to see lots of cherries feeding together.
Ghost shrimp are dicks, to put it bluntly. They look and are cool in their own species tank, but I'd never mix them with other fauna.
In short, yes. They eat Cherries.

Tommy <9))>>{
The will eat the baby shrimp, and probably the juvies. I had 1 ghost shrimp in my betta spawning tank to naturally cull the weak shrimp, he ate all but 5 fry (I had over 100) in less then 24hrs. He left the fry tank in a huge hurry...I threw him unacclimated into the 55g, and that damn shrimp is still alive!

I would not keep them together.
I keep ghost shrimp with my RCS. While the ghost shrimp are aggressive at going after food, I have never seen them attack or eat a live shrimp. I have seen them eating a dead RCS though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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