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ghost shrimp sensitive to CO2?

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My ghost shrimp (only one left) keeps coming to the surface now that I have pressurized CO2. None of the fish seem to be doing it. I know that invertebrates are more sensitive to almost everything - are they more sensitive than fish to CO2?
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There is another active thread right now regarding ottos and now ghost shrimp, but it is after the co2 and light shut off.

Here is the link to the last post which may or may not be relevant:

I have had a good amount of ghost shrimp in my tank lately, but another member suggested I started dosing Iron into the tank to help with my red plants as far as their color goes. I use Flourish Iron in addition to Flourish for micros now.

I am convinced that the copper or some other part of the Flourish Iron is a ghost shrimp killer. They are dieing off in droves whereas before they were doing great. I have seen this as a questionable topic on the forum and Seachem swears that it won't affect inverts. I do not, however, believe them anymore. Sorry to stray off topic.
Probably the copper. I know you're not supposed to use copper meds w/ invertebrates.
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