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Ghost Shrimp milky Whiteness?

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Hey guys!
One of my ghost shrimps turned white and I noticed it today. I bought four and 1 of them died (unknown) and this one has turned milky white. Its quite small and doesn't even eat. I was thinking maybe bacterial infection? So I dosed a little bit of melafix and if it dies and I decide to add more I may use indian almond leaves. I was just curious on everyone's thoughts and if I could save it (if not its okay its part of the circle of life) everything reads about 0 in water parameters (nitrates, ammonia etc.) and was curious if I can prevent it in the future when I get more. I had these guys for a month and I know they're usually thought of as feeders just hit me with some info and if I can save it thanks!:fish1:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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