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Ghost Shrimp in a 1.5g tank?

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Can 2 ghost shrimps live happily in a 1.5g tank.

Plant recommendations for low-light 1.5g tank w/ GS?
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Yep! Acutally with OK filteration you could squeeze around 5-6 in there.

For low light plants, Cyrpts', Anubias, java fern and other low-light plants would work great. (You know, the ones I can't think of right now. :p)

Welcome to the forum BTW!
Just be careful. Ghost Shrimp have a large tendency to be jumpers. Especially when crowded or with bad water conditions. I'd make sure the tank is covered...
The tank is covered. There is a small hole about 3 inches above the water-line. The hole is barely big enough to stick my finger through (of course, that is preciesly the point of the hole). I put a piece of leather over it (as I love my leather craft tools and art).

I am worried about the toxicity, though. Very worried. What is the maximum amount of Nitrates (ppm) that the shrimp can live with? I don't want the shrimp to live in bad conditions, but I need to know if I should take emergency measures to detox my 1.5g tank (35ppm).

I have 1 GS (not includeing the 2 in my 1.5g) in my 10g QT/HT. I am Quarantineing Lemon Tetra and Corydoras. So far, the shrimp hasn't been injured (badly) by the lemon tetra and the lemons seem to have lost interest in the shrimp. I love him now, but I fear QTing the Black Widow Tetra or Bolivian Rams will be the end of the GS.

I am considering one for my betta's tank, but we all know that doesn't always work out.:redface:

(edit; The tank has 1 Java Fern and it is filtered. Can I put GS with RCS? I have always wanted a RCS or 2.)
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I am speaking from an amateur's point of view but I have heard that GS can be aggressive towards the smaller RCS... I would just be careful and definitely wait for a second opinion.

I have anubias nana and barteri, as well as java fern in all 5 of my low light tanks. They are great growers especially if you invest in a pack of root tabs when they send runners into the substrate.

I am not sure about the exact hardiness of ghost shrimps but I have had them survive full cycles in the past. It's the rcs you would need to worry about and as long as you have a lot of plants you should be okay with nitrates although like I said before, I am not sure about the compatibility of the two shrimps.

I think I covered as much as I can think of ATM. I'll get back to you if I think of something else!
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