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Ghost and/or Cherry shrimp with angelfish?

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I have a nicely planted 29g tank with the following
- ambulia (grows like wildfire, constantly cutting it back)
- red Hygrophila
- red Ludwigia
- 4 Threadfin Rainbow
- 7 or 8 adult guppy's, with several young ones at various growth stages
- 4 "oto" catfish
- 1 small angelfish (approx 2 inches)

Th angel was just purchased last week for guppy fry control and has done a great job at that as few are still around. thus far the angelfish has not harrassed any other fish but I will watch it as it grows bigger. question is I was wanting to put in some shrimp, either ghost and/or some cherry, but was concerned about the angel making a meal of them... I wouldnt be too concerned with the ghost as I get them 10/$1.00 but the cherry are smaller and more expensive. would I need worry about the angel causing the shrimp to dissapear?

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IME angels will be ok wuth ghosts but will slowly pick em off. cherry they will destroy
I had some cherries in a a tank, with 6 very young Angels. They lived together peacefully for about 6 months.
One day, a cherry was swimming around and an angel took a nip at him. That was it for the cherries. After that first taste. The Angels hunted and ate every single cherry within a day. It was quite interesting to see how the angels would work as a group to herd and kill the cherries.
yeah at $4 each give or take I've given up on cherry's... but I may try some ghost still, at 10/$1.00, and see what happens... even if they dissapear over time it isnt a dissapointment or real loss

BTW the angel seems to be TOO good at fry control - I went from having 20+ easily a couple weeks ago of 1/4" to 3/8", to NONE that size that I can see...

Ghost and/or Cherry shrimp with angelfish?
Reminds me of Dirty Harry Movies... Hey Shrimp... Are ya Feelin' Lucky ? Well Are Ya? :hihi:

In nature, thats all shrimp are is fish food. Save the money man...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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