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GH booster and pearling?

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Ok, I just got some GH booster from Grumpy and since I've added it, I just can't seem to get my weeds to pearl like they used to. I thought it might have had something to do with my CO2 levels so I bought a DC and mixed up 4KH w/ DO and baking soda and added 3 drops of API regent to 5ml and let er' rip. I've even bumped my CO2 levels to the point of my fish gasping at the top of the tank which yields a light yellow on the DC. I added the tweaks from Tom's reactor... imporved reactor by Tom Barr and changed my 6700K bulbs cauze they were starting to get a little dark about 1" from the outside on each end which normally means they're getting weak. All are good things because I've now maximized my CO2 dissolution and have fresh lighting, 120Watts total in 30 Gallons. But my weeds just don't won't pearl like they did. So the only other thing I can think of that's different is I started adding Grumpy's GH booster and haven't done a w/c since. I actually don't remember if they stopped pearling b4 or after the GH booster but that's the ONLY thing I haven't changed, replaced, tweaked, or checked. This ever happen to anyone else or am I just grasping for straws?:help: :icon_excl
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Anyone have a clue about this? I'm stumped!
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do you dose ferts for N, P, and traces? The only thing I could think of is that the tank is getting depleted in one or more or all of the 3....
My NO3 is 25 PPM, my Phosphates are 2 PPM and the GH booster is 1/3 Potassium so I don't think it's a macro deficiency but I could be wrong. I stopped dosing K2SO4 when I added the GH booster. I've heard it's next to impossible to overdose potassium so I'll add some and see what happens. I also dose 5ml Plantex 3x per week. EI per Rex's schedule.
i have never seen anything in my tank pearl but the algea on my heater, even with a green/light green drop checker, and ei dosing!
Also, what types of plants. The faster growing stems will pearl a lot more than slower growers.
My Wisteria won't even pearl! The only thing that does pearl is my Amazon sword. But everything used to pearl b4 I added the GH booster. You can view my plants by clicking on the "30G" link in my signature.
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when you replaced the bulbs, did you replace with a different brand?
Yep, but only replaced cuz plants weren't pearling any more.
Well, bulbs with different brands, even with the same watt rating and K rating can put out different PAR/PUR values. Example, a UVL AquaSun that is stated as 10,000K will put out a LOT more PAR/PUR than a TRU 10,000K bulb, despite being both T5HO bulbs and using same amount of watts.
However, I doubt that your new bulbs puts out a lot less PAR than the old one to the point of "less pearling".

There's been talk of new bulbs needing a "break-in" period before they start performing best, but it's one of those things that may or may not be just another myth being thrown around.

In other words, I'm not sure what caused you're plants to do less pearling :icon_redf IME this is the first sign of nutrient levels being really low and eventually leads to algae, depending on which nutrient is deficient....but you're on EI so this isn't the case for you.

BTW, EI instructs dosing GH booster after the weekly 50% water change to "reset" nutrient levels. Maybe after your next scheduled water change, dosing, your pearling might go back to where it used to....
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Have you just tried stopping dosing the GH booster, and seeing if the pearling starts again?
Thats what I plan on doing. We'll see what happens.
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Ok, if I’m right pearling happen when level of photosynthesis is high. The water and the plant become saturated with oxygen ( bubble, bubble, bubble)

What about your oxygen level. Plants always pearl after a good change with aerated tap water...
Also, don't forget that an absence of pearling doesn't mean poor plant health/growth. It is entirely possible to see little or no pearling and have completely healthy, growing plants. I only see it on occasion in a couple of my tanks, but they are mostly algae free with good growth. It is cool to see it happen, though
Measuring the health or success of a planted aquarium by pearling is like measuring the health or success of a marriage by the number orgasms.
Measuring the health or success of a planted aquarium by pearling is like measuring the health or success of a marriage by the number orgasms.
I must have the most successful marriage in the world if you want
to measure things that way.
That's how I measured my marriages! Is there something wrong with that?:icon_roll :hihi: :icon_wink :proud:
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