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gh and TDS ranges for tb

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ok so i just mixed up some water for a water change. what is a good place for gh to be for tb shrimp? i am having a hard time hitting 5. i always get 4 and 6. is 6 to high? i mix my ro in a clear steralite tub that holds about 1.5-2 gal of water and when i measure ss gh+ with the 1ml mark on the scoop it reads 4, if i add another one it reads 6 gh. if i add 1/2 of that it still reads 4.

another question is about tds. with my water at a gh of 6 my tds is 123-125 (its in that range every time i mix water) is that ok or do i need to add to it some how?
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1/8th teaspoon ss shrimp GH+ per gallon of water gives me a GH of 5-6. The scoop that comes in the ss shrimp container equals 1/4 tsp. So if you are remineralizing 1.5 gallons and want gh5 try a heaping 1/8 scoop.
I get gh 5 at tds 100-110. I add some other stuff to that and that gets me to 150
but is what i have or or do i need to adjust it
You may wanna switch to teaspoon's C. Especially with the small amount of water you're working with. I mainly use the 1/4 teaspoon and the other smaller one's for any slight tweaking. I find them easier to work with than the scoop. Plus I have a good idea of what each measuring amount will do to my RO water.

I remineralize the RO water for my TB's to a Gh of 6 and TDS 120-125, FYI. ;)
ok good to know. i do have spoons some place have not unpacked all that stuff yet. most of my fish stuff is in the garage still since i dont have the space i had before with 25 tanks in the house. i will look for them tonight
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