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GH and TDS help.

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Hi everyone,
I’m trying to achieve good parameters for my Cherry Shrimp but I am having trouble. My tanks GH is 125.02ppm and the TDS is around 330pmm. Is the GH too low and how would I raise it without further increasing the TDS? Also, is the TDS of 330ppm ok for Cherry shrimp and would it affects their breeding and molting? Furthermore it would be worthy for me to mention that I have been using Seachem Equilibrium to raise the GH gradually from 71.44ppm to 125.02pmm. The Cherry Shrimp are also housed with Guppies.
Any advice would be much lot appreciated.

Thank you.
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You may want to familiarize yourself with degrees of gH and kH instead of PPM. That gH will likely be fine for Neos/Cherries. I like to keep mine a degree or two higher but what you have is probably fine. What's your kH?

TDS means total dissolved solids, or everything dissolved in your water. So without more info about kH, how you're feeding, your source water and the like, it's tough to know what specifically makes up your dissolved solids. But 330 should be okay despite being a bit high.

Have you done much reading here on the forum about shrimp water parameters? Checked out any tank journals? You may find it helpful.

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From my understanding, Equilibrium is "dirty".... meaning, if you want cleaner TDS, you need to get a shrimp specific mineral. (or, if available, Nutrafin African Cichlid Conditioner - heard it's good)

Are you using a test strip or a liquid test kit to measure GH?
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