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GH and KH and shrimp?

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So today i tested GH and KH.

GH said to multiple the # of drops by 20.. 4 drops = 80
KH said multiple # of drops by 10. .9 drops = 90

When i'm looking at specs for shrimp they say GH 1-4.. is this drops? or an excessively low GH?

Same goes for KH. specs are low (which would seem more like drops, not results?)

Am i looking at this the right way?
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Found it!

so if i multiply it by .56

GH = 44.8
KH = 50.4

No do those numbers sound right? If so its off the charts for shrimp :(
You multiply by 0.056; you are off by an order of magnitude.

To convert from German degrees to mg/L (ppm), multiply by 17.8. To go the other way, divide by 17.8 (or multiply by the inverse, which is 0.056).

Also, regarding your kH, I am unsure how you managed to measure 0.9 of a drop, so I would interpret your results with caution.
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