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Getting the kids into the hobby

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My three kids are helping me setup my 72 gallon tank. I haven't had it setup since two moves ago when it housed African Cichlids. This will be my first planted aquarium, so thank you to all in the community for sharing your knowledge here!
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Great to get the kids involved.
My 9 year old has a passing interest in mine. In the house he likes looking for the clown loach.
Every so often he'll come out to the fish house and spend a bit of time with me there. But he has nothing other than a passing interest at best. Still want to teach him how to tend to them if something happens to me. But with over 35 tanks soon to be over 100 it is hard. He would rather be online learning and talking astrophysics.

Get them involved though. You never know what they will want when they grow up.
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