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How's it going out there,
So I have been doing a bunch of research on the balance between Lights,Co2, and nutrients and I have to say there is a lot of information out there. My main problem is I really can't seem to find out what is in my Ferts. I am using the ADA line up and it does not give a break down as far as I can see. It just says it gives plants what they need.
Here is what I am using:
- Brighty K- a potassium supplement(which I add 11 ml a day)
-Green Brighty step 1(which I add 15 ml a day)(I have increased this to 3 ml above beginning does, the only thing I know about this product is that it does not contain phosphate)
-2 pounds of crushed coral in filter to bring up water hardness
-at water change I add 3 scoops of baking soda(roughly 3/4 of a teaspoon to 30 gallons of water)and aquavitro mineralize for GH(21 ml)
-I just started adding aqua vitro activate for phosphate(1.75 mL every 2 days)
-Green bacter(10 drops every day)
-green gain(10 drops every day)
-soil additives
-amazonian soil
-power sand
-penac P,W
-clear super
-bacter 100
-tourmaline BC

Lights are on for 8 hours a day(2 high output LEDs, Archaea Ultra grow)
Co2 comes on two hours before lights and runs 1 hour after they go off and runs roughly 3 bubbles per second.
after co2 turns off a air pump runs for 7 hours to break up surface for o2 absorption.

Tank is 65 gallons dimensions roughly 47x18x18in.

I run a surface skimmer and a small power head lower in the tank to improve circulation.

The tank is planted heavily in my opinion but I am new to this so you may see someplace to add more plants.(pic at bottom)

In addition here is fish list
-14 amano shrimp
-3 SAE
-15 emerald dwarfs
-15 galaxy danios
-4 cory cats
- and a multitude of snails that came on the plants

I guess my question is what do I need to change to balance the tank so that the plants get what they need and the algae doesn't? I have read about the estimative index for nutrient dosing but not sure how to approach that not knowing what is in my nutrients.

oh yeah water parameters:
Temp. 24-26 C
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 1-2ppm
GH 9
KH 6
pH(6.8-7.5 depending on time of day)
phosphate 0-.25ish

Thanks again for your help

Oh yeah and I feed them frozen mysis shrimp twice a day


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When you make the decision to use the ADA system of fertilizing you need to follow ADA's instructions. When you use the EI dosing method you should start with the dosing tables in that method. Etc. Given that you are using the ADA system I suggest you study their instructions again, watch the plants to see if they need anything they don't have, and avoid using more light than the plants need.
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