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Getting tank drilled (90-P)

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Where can I get my 90-P drilled and an overflow installed? I live in Jasper. I called Creation Reef, my LFS (Well, local enough when you live in Jasper haha) and they don't do that. Another place I called, maybe premier aquatics (??? forgot) said they sold hang-on overflows, but I want my tank drilled.

I absolutely refuse to try it myself with one of those DIY kits. No way.
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There are no aquariums stores in the Georgia area that I know of (ourselves included... Premier Aquatics) that drill aquariums anymore. Just way too much liability in it. You might be able to find a glass shop that would try, but I doubt they would offer replacement in case of any issues during drilling. Plus it is usually much cheaper to just order a pre-drilled custom rimless aquarium compared to buying something high-end like ADA and getting it drilled. Standard rate for drilling used to be around $60 per hole. Also keep in mind that drilling pretty much any brand aquarium will void the warranty.

Sorry I couldn't be much help.
It's really not hard to do , back in my reefing days I drilled a bunch of tanks you can by the diamond coated bit's on evil bay . There are tons of vids on utube . But as Jakub said it's at your own risk .
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