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Getting strong consistent lighting to the back corners

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a way to get better light levels to the back corners of a 10 gallon standard aquarium. I've got rotala rotundifolia in one corner which struggles to grow in the back of the bush. In the other corner, I have rotala colorata which struggles as well.

I'm using a Nicrew deluxe LED currently. I still get coloration in the rotundifolia, especially if I lower the light a bit more, but its always the front few stems that seem to grow best while the back suffers.

I'm wondering how aquascapers get extremely busy, full and shaped rotundifolia in the backs of their aquariums when that is where the least light should be reaching.

I have heard that fluorescent bulbs disperse light better to the rest of the aquarium. Is that true and is that what aquascapers use to get the professional looking tanks? If so, can someone recommend a system that fits a 10 gallon standard size?
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If you use standard hood light, it cannot reach the back corners effectively as light intensity dims at two ends and the back. Aquascapers use high light hang a foot or more above the tank so the light can disperse broadly. I use hood lights and supplement light to the dark corners by tying submerseable led tubes to back and side rims of my tank. You can find many submerseable leds for aquarium in EBay and Amazon.


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