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Getting ready to plant - help!!

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Hey guys! So my LFS is getting my plants in today. I'll be driving over to pick them up as well as some driftwood (I'll be boiling it). I'm getting bacopa carolinnia, Anubias nana petite, crypt undulata, and dwarf sag.

Now. This is my first planted tank and I'm just not sure about the next steps. Should I lay out my substrate and completely flood the tank? Turning on my filter and heater?

Or should I only partially flood?

I need help [emoji31]

Thanks so much!!

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There is a method of 'dry' starting although non-flooded may be a better description. In my case, I already had a well established tank (many years) with plastic decor. So after getting a better light, I removed the plastic, added some more pre-washed (pool filter) sand and proceeded to plant with about 10 gallons or so removed from my 60g tank (all while the fish remained!).

In your case it sounds like a new start so I would lay out the substrate and decor elements and then carefully fill about half full, then plant away...filling the tank when finished and then filter and heater. You'll want to monitor your heater closely to dial in the desired temperature.
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