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Getting Pearlweed to Grow Vertically On Purpose?

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I just finally got in the pearlweed I ordered three weeks ago to finish planting the rescape on my 20g nano. I've planted it in individual stems roughly an inch apart all along the back sides of the tank behind my driftwood.

I'm so excited to finally have all the plants in after a month of waiting & working on the tank (mostly waiting for online orders to trickle in), and pearlweed is one of the new species I've never actually tried before. The CO2 arrives tomorrow, so I'll be setting that up over the weekend so I can keep an eye on it the first day it runs.

How do I get my pearlweed go grow up, instead of turning into a carpet? The little stems seem prone to going sideways and rooting down horizontally, but I want it to form a nice, tall, fluffy bush, about 10" high, to fill in the background of the tank.

I've seen it done in pictures, but all the growing/care instructions I found online say "it can be grown both as a tall stem or as a carpet", and then proceed to tell me how to trim it flat to look like monte carlo.
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