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I have soooo many things. I am unable to post pics, but I have a lot of plants. I am asking what I think is a fair price for the root system, rather than the large leafed plants that they are due to the weather.
I would like to sell this as a package. I have:
At least 5 Large Crypt Wendtii red and green with very large root systems
5 Crypt Cryspatula/Balansae from Aquatic Magic with large root system
3 Crypt pontederiifolia with medium root system (Aquatic Magic)
3 Java Fern
At least 2 Windelov Fern
A small portion of java moss
4x4" Salvinia Minima growing in beautiful form

For the plant package alone-$50 shipped via Priority Mail. I would include miscellaneous chemicals in the same Priority box for $4 each with no additional shipping charge.

Full 500ml Seachem Flourish
Full 237ml API Leaf Zone
Half full 250ml Seachem Excel
3/4 full 250mlKent Iron & Manganese
5 Osmocote Root Tabs perfect for aquatic plants

For chemical package alone-$30 shipped. I would include miscellaneous plants in the same priority box for $4 each with no additional shipping charge.

I also have other miscellaneous supplies.
I have an API Master test kit-$20 shipped
1 100 Watt Aqueon heater-$35 shipped
1 150 Watt Penn Plax-$35 shipped
2 50 Watt Tetra brand heaters-$15 each shipped

Please contact me via PM

Thanks so much
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