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Update. I appologize for being slow to respond. I work very long hours so please be patient with me. I also want to add I am getting a ton of requests for the filters and heaters. Priority will go to local people and/or the best offer. Many are asking if I will sell the plants off the driftwood. I am willing to do that only if I have a buyer for the driftwood. Please also note the riparium stuff is all together-the planters and the plants. Great for anyone wanting to set up a new riparium.

Hi. I am giving up the planted tank(s). Everything must go! I can try to mail some of the plants but I warn you I've never mailed plants before... I'm located in Massachusetts and I'm willing to meet someone or maybe even drop off (depending on distance etc.).

Also if anyone could please let other people in the area know that would be so nice of you. I'm not trying to make money off of anything, I just am trying to recoup a little of what I've put in. And please note that I will only be able to respond to messages in the evening and weekends (sorry but I work like a dog most days, not complaining it's nice to be employed)

First thing that has to go are the live animals of course:

10 Ocelot Danios - $10
Sorry can't get any decent pictures. These guys are awesome though. They are hardy and quite pretty. They also school really well for me. They have kind of reddish fins/tails and sort of a leopard-y pattern. I'm definitely going to miss them. They were rather expensive but most of them are probably "old" in fish years (2-3 years old) so I won't ask anything for them but two of them were born this year (I was not trying to breed, they were a happy surprise) so I would like maybe $10 for those two--so IOW $10 for the school basically. I think they go for $7/fish in the store. To good home only.

4 or 5 japonica shrimp - Free
Sorry also no pictures. Imagine a japonica shrimp. That's what they look like. I am not entirely sure how many I have. They're hard to count. I can't even guarantee I'll be able to find all of them to give you but I know I at least can find 4 of them. They are old. Do shrimp live forever like lobsters? I have no idea. They are free. To good home only.

29gal tank 12" deep X 18"high X 30"long with stand - $125
Shoot I forgot to take a picture of the stand but it is an iron frame that came with the tank so I want to sell it with the tank. I paid $150 for it and everything is still in really good shape. The stand does not come apart in anyway so I think it would be a PITA to ship. But like I said, I'm willing to try to deliver/meet half way someone depending on distance. Obviously I'm not driving to Alaska.

Coralife 30" light fixture - $25
It takes T5NO 18watt bulbs. It definitely needs new bulbs by now unless you aren't growing plants.

AquaClear 50 filter - $10

200w Heater - $5

Duetto 50 Filter - $5
sorry turn your head sideways. I used it for a 5gal tank. It's fully submersible and you can adjust the flow rate.

Cute little 75W Cobalt heater - $20
Looks bulky but it's actually very flat/thin. Sorry I originally wrote the wrong price for this one. Fixed now. Very sorry!

The tank is a low light/no CO2. Basically you can be rest assured if it grows in my tank it will grow in your tank. I am a terrible planted tank keeper.

Ok the stuff in the middle I can no longer remember the name of--rotilla maybe? And I hacked it down a little after this picture so there is maybe a 1/4 of it left. $5 and you can have whatever I can find/pull up in my tank. I'll throw in that stupid anubais nana in the left front corner, too.

Driftwood#1 (on the left)- $60
I paid $75 for this piece of wood when it was naked. I don't even want to think about how much I paid for the anubais on it. They are in need of some TLC at the moment. The wood is attached to a piece of slate to keep it upright. You can take it off. The driftwood is pretty fragile at this point. I don't know how on earth I'd ship it.

Driftwood#2 (on the right duh) - $25
These are actually two pieces but they go together very nicely and make a little cave which the fish just love. Also same issues with shipping as above. I mean I guess I'm willing to try it if you are but cannot promise its condition after shipping. Also there is a lot of java moss on the back of it now.

All together: $225 If you take the whole 30gal set up and you come pick it up. So the tank, the stand, the substrate (eco-complete) along with lots of mulm and god knows what else, the immortal(?) shrimp, the danios, the numerous random snails, the plants and the driftwood, the light (that needs new bulbs), the one filter and one heater (the smaller guys are for another tank). I may be willing to negotiate because it would really be nice to have the whole thing gone so I don't have to deconstruct it piecemeal....

Riparium Plants in planters - $50 for all
I think it's a total of 6 planters with 3 floating foam planter things. The plants are nice. They grow like crazy. Some I killed because I have a black thumb. Oh shoot I also have two fully aquatic plants in this tank. Not sure if they're still alive. There is no fish in this tank anymore so I have been really neglecting it other than keeping the water up to the surface and the light on. I'm NOT selling this tank or the light or stand. Who knows with enough passed time, I might someday be stupid enough to get back into the hobby LOL. But all the plants you see must go. Sorry the picture sucks
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