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After many years of fishkeeping and plant growing, I no longer have the ability to do proper upkeep, so must let my tank go. Selling everything as a package. I have always invested in great equipment and keep boxes of backup supplies. Everything is included.

125 (4x2x2) All Glass aquarium with black silicone
Antiqued black cabinet stand

Two Eheim 2217, less than two years old
Coralife UV Sterilizer
In-line heater
I have a HO flourescent fixture that will come with it, or speak to me about upgrading to a big set of grow lights.

Two 10 gallon co2 tanks, one empty, the other about half as of today
JBL regulator
Regulator splitter so you can use for two different tanks if you wish
Bubble counters
Co2 tubing
Co2 counter

All sorts of fertilizers: dry ferts, flourish, prime
Tons of food
Box of Eheim parts and tubing
Battery aerator
Big piece of driftwood
Filled with flourite
Spare parts

It's tons of stuff, everything needed to keep a beautiful planted aquarium, except the time.

There is one serpai tetra and one Amano shrimp living in the tank. Everyone else passed away of old age.

Roosevelt Island 10044, freight entrance and elevator building
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