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I've been seeing a lot of threads from people asking for Id or diagnosis, and the picture they post lacks the detail necessary to capture the root of the subject they are trying to share. A very nice camera is definitely on my list of "things I want, but can't justify buying right now" but in the meantime I have gotten some decent pictures with my phone. Some tricks I use are:
1. For close up shots press the phone against the glass. It stabilizes the phone and if your using a flash you won't get a reflection off the front glass.
2. If the shot you are taking is farther away, try to find another way to stabilize the phone. Rest the bottom of it on a piece of furniture, or tuck your elbows into your body to minimize hand shaking.
3. Take a ton of shots. If you snap 20 pictures you'll probably get at least 1 good one.
4. Download a magnifying app. On my android phone I have "Your Magnifier" it was free, and it works to get good details of tiny things.
Here's a couple of my favorite shots I've taken with the camera on my phone:
Dario dario

Amano shrimp

Midge larvae

Pond snail

Anyone else have any cell phone photo tips? Or any good cell phone pictures they want to share?
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