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Getting Back To It

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So, I took a 5 year hiatus after a tragedy involving my last tank. However, I'm not a college student anymore, so I have a lot more time and patience now, so I'm getting back into it.

I just set up a 10 gallon tank with a tree made of java moss secured to spiderwood with aquarium glue, and some montecarlo to cover the ground. Its currently cycling with some zebra danios.

I used a fertilized substrate, and treated the water with a small amount of fertilizer. I filled it with RO water.

It is currently lit with two 6.5 watt Fluval LED lights. I'm using a glass top.

1. Is that too much light? Not enough? Originally I used a single but the left side of the tank was very dim.

2. I currently have my tree weighed down with quartz stones. How long will it have to be submerged before I can remove the stones? I did boil the wood before putting it in.

3. I need stocking options... I regularly take 4-5 day work trips, so something that doesn't need to be fed EXTREMELY regularly would be nice, or some suggestions for a budget friendly autofeeder

4. Any other suggestions would be great! Thank you all!
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Step 1: Stop "cycling" your tank with live fish. It's beyond cruel. Rehome them immediately. There's no reason you can't use other methods in 2021. Harsh, I know, but not as harsh as what you're doing to your fish. Seriously. Just use a different ammonia source.

You say you're using RO water. How is it remineralized?

Which specific substrate?

Watts per gallon isn't really a thing, so could you tell us more about your lighting and the tank? How far from the substrate will the light be? Is there a tank lid?

As far as inhabitants that can go a week without being fed... you're looking at invertebrates. But since you want an autofeeder (they all have their pros and cons but some are great - I have an old Eheim that I still use), you should be able to keep most of the tiny fish available in the hobby today.
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