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Getting Back To It

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So, I took a 5 year hiatus after a tragedy involving my last tank. However, I'm not a college student anymore, so I have a lot more time and patience now, so I'm getting back into it.

I just set up a 10 gallon tank with a tree made of java moss secured to spiderwood with aquarium glue, and some montecarlo to cover the ground. Its currently cycling with some zebra danios.

I used a fertilized substrate, and treated the water with a small amount of fertilizer. I filled it with RO water.

It is currently lit with two 6.5 watt Fluval LED lights. I'm using a glass top.

1. Is that too much light? Not enough? Originally I used a single but the left side of the tank was very dim.

2. I currently have my tree weighed down with quartz stones. How long will it have to be submerged before I can remove the stones? I did boil the wood before putting it in.

3. I need stocking options... I regularly take 4-5 day work trips, so something that doesn't need to be fed EXTREMELY regularly would be nice, or some suggestions for a budget friendly autofeeder

4. Any other suggestions would be great! Thank you all!
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So sorry you had your tank disaster, but welcome back. Fully agree with what was already suggested, just a couple of questions- do you intend on using a heater? If so what are you planning for the temperature? Are you attached to the danios or are you getting rid of them? 10 gallons limits you to smaller aquaria but there has been a huge increase in available nano species that have opened up in the past few years. Happy scaping!!
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