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I have been out of tanks for about 5 years now and actually have some money to build my dream nano now. I want a 12 gal long planted and I have some old equipment that I am hoping to repurpose. Basically I need to know what is new and considered the best that I should look to add for this tank?

Substrate - Looking for substrate options as I want to make this a tank for nano schools of fish, and maybe shrimp with over filtering. I have used Fluval substrate and EcoComplete but looking for something a little nicer and easy to clean

Filter - Eheim 2213 that I plan on re-tubing and and getting replacement filters for. I am going to create a custom tubing solution for flow control with clear acrylic tubes and glass inflow and outflow and maybe add a surface skimmer. What filter media is considered the best now? Should I get a new filter?

Heater - I have a Hydor 200W in line heater that was getting a little flakey. What should I consider replacing with?

Others - I would like to add a good in line UV filter as it looks like they are more common now. Any suggestions here are appreciated.

Lighting - I can figure this out but I like the Current Satellite Freshwater for the effects and the aesthetic of the unit.

CO2 - back when I was poor I used a diy yeast option and then an unregulated option. I am intrigued by the cheap regulators on Amazon but opinions will help on this subject.

Any other ideas would be appreciated on how to make this build amazing.
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