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Getting a mazzei injector hooked up...

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I got a mazzei injector (#584 I believe- 1/2"), and what I thought to be all the CO2 parts I need. I didn't even bother to notice that the nipple on the injector port is 1/4". The 1/8" tubing I have simply will not stretch.

I also noticed that the nipple is detachable, and the outside is threaded, perhaps for adding another, smaller one. Does anyone know if mazzei makes replacement nipples, or add-on reducers. If they do I can't find them online.

Or maybe someone has a creative way they've solved this problem?

Thanks ahead of time.

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You can change from a 1/8" to a 3/16" tubing. I used a 3/16" black vinyl tube bought @ Lowes which connected directly on the Mazzei nipple ' a little elbow grease needed' then onto my bubble counter and it fits perfectly.
These can also be found at home depot a few cents a foot.
Thanks for the tip. I just found out that there's a paintball store nearby, so I'm going to stop in and see if they have any fittings too.
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