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Getting a basic 55 gallonhelp me decide inhabitants from thisnlist!

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As the title states I've got a 55 to setup in addition to my high tech 40 breeder... not necessarily looking to donplanted but here are some thoughts.
I've kept aggressive south American cichlids, angels, raaimbows, no saltwater.....

A. Fowlr saltwater Moray and predator tank
B. Bare bottom discus growout tank of 10 discus or so, to eventu ally gon into an150
C. Exodon species tank, they're like mini piranhas.
Dgar tank
E. Mudskipper tank

Open to other ideas but post your thoughts
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Mudskippers might be cool . But you'd probably need to do a ton of research before you start . Any way to do mangroves with buttressed roots? Maybe some sort of tidal system?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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