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getting a 20 gallon :)

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i just got a 20 gallon used for $50 - tank, filter, heater, and hood. :D

so excited!!

i want to do it right this time. i currently have a 10 gallon with a few plants. i just set up diy co2 yesterday and it is working wonderfully so far. but, i hate the look of the design.

i am planning to use rocks instead of driftwood and the terracotta pot that is in my 10 now. i am going to use garnet schist.

i am also planning to use potting soil under a layer of gravel. i was hoping to make a carpet with java moss over the gravel. will this work? how can i do it?

so, other than micro nutrients and macro nutrients and co2 what else do i need for the set up? i won't get the tank until the 24th.

also, can you suggest some fish to put in the tank? i think i am going to keep the 10 up and running with the tiger shrimp and the betta. i was thinking i might like some fish that stick to the bottom of the tank and maybe some small, flashy-looking schooling fish. i am not too keen neons.

any suggestions are really welcomed!

thanks :)

oh, i have another question, it is probably a silly one. the garnet schist that i am going to get is right next to the ocean. the rocks are covered in salt. i am planning to boil the rocks and then rinse them in h2o2 before they go into the tank. will this get rid of all the salt? there is no way the rocks can soak the salt up, right? i don't think that there is any way but a friend of mine said that he doesn't think that the salt will all come off. i just don't understand how a rock can soak up salt.
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A little bit of salt won't hurt. The salt that is on the rocks after you rinse them will be so minimal.

Some plants aren't very tolerant of brackish water, and some are. But they should all be fine with the traces of salt left after boiling and rinsing your rocks in fresh water.
thanks :)

do you have any suggestion for fish? i would like to get otos but but i heard that they are very sensitive. i will have about 3 hours after i get them before i get home (i live in a very out of the way place) and i worry that they won't deal with that stress well.
Every single fish in the fish store had to get there in a bag on a big truck. A 3 hour car ride is probably much shorter than the trip that they took to get to the store.

Just make sure to tell the people at the pet store to geve you lots of water and a big bag. The extra water helps keep the temp stable.
cool, thanks :)

i guess i will have to see what is available when i am at the store. it is a small store so there is not always a lot of selection.
I moved my entire reef tank in buckets over the snowy mountain passes without a heater without a single loss. I wouldn't worry about a freshwater fish.

I say get what you want. :proud:

i am really looking forward to getting the 20 all set up. :)

i am really looking forward to getting the 20 all set up. :)
You bet.

And good luck! Have fun with it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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