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German Blue Rams

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I have been searching for this fish for a long time and eventually bought a pair at my LFS. Unfortunately, a few weeks after, the female died and i suspect it was from the far east and had steroids which I hear is pretty common in fish stores. However, 6 months later the male is still alive and doing well so I wonder if I buy a female if they would ever possibly breed together. Would the age difference be a problem or are rams loyal to their mates?

Also, does anybody know any good places whether a website or a good breeder to purchase these fish?

Thank you all so much in advance!:fish:
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i really dont think age is going to be a problem in your situation and ya it sucks that you have to spend a min of $30 but it all depends on how bad you want your fish...if they have plants you can buy some of those so that way your getting something for your money...ive just never been to that website so i dont know what they got
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