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Our German Blue Ram's health and quality, as well as our service to you, are always our top priority!
  • 3-4 months old at about 1-1.5 inch long
  • Healthy and lively with colors starting to show and full rich colors to be emerged when grown to 6-8 months old (photos below)
  • Excellent non-inbred strains under our comprehensive breeding program (learn more at the bottom of the page)
  • Absolutely hormone-free! (learn more about the danger of hormone-injection practice and how to avoid it at the bottom of the page)

Breeding Pairs
  • bonded pairs at $15.98 per pair
  • Naturally bonded and paired up on their own out of a big group of fry
  • Passed 3 lengthy confirmation processes to confirm their lifelong monogamous bond
  • 100% physically ready to spawn and breed

Unpaired German Blue Rams
  • 1-10 blue rams at $5.99 each
  • 11-20 blue rams at $5.59 each
  • 21+ blue rams at $5.19 each

It's the perfect time and age to bring them home and watch them grow and transform into the full-color beauty under your care!

  • Live Arrival Guarantee
  • 1-10 blue rams at $15 for USPS Priority
  • 11-20 blue rams at $20 for USPS Priority
  • Express shipping available upon request
  • Local pickup welcomed
  • Handling time will be two days after receipt of payment, as the fish must be sufficiently fasted prior to shipment and we need to stop feeding them for at least two full days.
  • For best safety, we ship USPS Priority on Monday and Tuesday, and USPS Express on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday as it's best to avoid risking a weekend hold up from the carrier.
  • Tracking number will be provided to you
  • Shipment will be made to confirmed address on buyer's PayPal account

  • Your blue rams will be placed in Kordon Breathing Bags and shipped inside a well insulated styrofoam box
  • Heat/ice packs to be included if there is a need, depending on season and weather
  • No additional charges for packaging and handling

About Us
  • We are a small father and son family breeder based in Escondido, California
  • Over 55 years of hands-on experience with all types of tropical and saltwater fish
  • Over the last 10 years were spent exclusively on learning, breeding, raising and perfecting our German Blue Rams
  • Our breeding program is devoted to constantly improve our hormone-free and non-inbred strains through careful bloodline/gene pool management and precise planning of selective breeding.

Feel free to PM me your order request or any questions you may have. I'll be more than happy to to help.
Thank you!

Check out our German Blue Rams photos below! More photos and videos available upon request.
We regularly update our YouTube and Flickr Channels, check us out!

8 Months Old Female

8 Months Old Male

8 Months Old Parents with 1 Week Old Fry

8 Months Old Mom with 2 Months Old Fry

6 Months Old Male

6 Months Old Female

6 Months Old Pair

4 Months Old Fry

3 Months Old Female

3 Months Old Fry

In the wild, German Blue Ram’s immune system genes are continuously shuffled with diverse gene pools resulting in a mass combination of antibodies being produced. The more types of antibodies, the better the defense against the various invading germs and virus.

Inbreeding as well as careless backyard breeding often lead to poor immune systems in German Blue Rams because they lack the genetic diversity that’s needed for producing healthy amount of antibodies naturally.

We are devoted to constantly improve our non-inbred and hormone-free strains through careful bloodline/gene pool management and precise planning of selective breeding. One of the reasons why we breed and raise German Blue Rams exclusively is because our comprehensive breeding program truly requires our full undivided attention.

Watch out! Many German Blue Rams are carelessly mass-produced and injected with hormones to force their colors.
  • They tend to die early as they are much less hardy.
  • While some are fertile, they are often sterile.
  • They have a much higher rate of carrying genetic defects and tend to produce unhealthy and disabled offspring.
  • Hormones tend to alter their personality from peaceful to aggressive and grumpy.
Hormone-injection practice weakens the specimens and reduces their lifespan. Our German Blue Rams are absolutely hormone-free!

  • Hormone-free German Blue Ram’s colors come in gradually with full colors emerging at age 6-8 months. If they are juveniles showing adult colors, they are hormone-injected.
  • German Blue Rams are shy and easily stressed. When they are under stress, their colors tend to fade temporarily as their natural physical response to blend in with environment and hide from predators. If the German Blue Rams are showing their best colors in situation where they are likely to be stressed (such as moving or change in environment), they are hormone-injected.
  • Hormone-free healthy German Blue Rams exhibit beautiful curves from their body to tail fin, and their fins would show stunning fluid movement as they swim. Hormone-injected German Blue Rams and their offspring often show physical defects such as tail fins being handicapped – looking tied up, showing no curves and exhibiting rigid movement.
  • Only buy from a trusted, reputable breeder or dealer

Feel free to PM me your order request or any questions you may have. I'll be more than happy to to help.
Thank you!
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