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German Blue Ram?

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Greetings, all!

Connie and I finally have a planted tank. Here's a progress pic taken today, 1-week after planting...

Water Plant Plant community Green Pet supply

I was hoping for advice on introducing a specific fish to our community. Here are our specs:

Tank: 20 High
Filter: AC 70
Temp: 77 degrees fahrenheit (the fish like it WAY better than 78)
GH: 80ppm (4.49)
KH: 130ppm (7.30)
PH: 7.2

Our current community population is:
2 Golden Honey Gourami
10 Neon Tetra
3 Vietnamese Dwarf Loach

The population I am longing for is:

2 Golden Honey Gourami
20 Neon Tetra
3 Vietnamese Dwarf Loach
3 Otocinclus


1 German Blue Ram

I know that Rams are dwarf ciclids and that their natural water parameters are more acid than my tank, but my tap water is:

100ppm GH (5.61)
120ppm KH (6.74), and
8.4 PH.

I'm not particularly worried about breaking the 1" of fish per gallon rule, because these gourami's are full grown at 1", as are the loaches, and I am way overfiltered (I added a half an AquaClear mechanical filtration sponge and a bag of the fluval biofilter material to my AC70, as well as a bag of Seachem Matric Carbon). My question is if I can have a German Blue Ram ruling the tank as my showfish? Everything I've read says that they are docile if provided adequate shelter and no competition for food. If not, has anyone a recommendation for an alternative? Thanks and


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Yes, hit matt13 up he raises his in 7.2 ish water, and they are some of the best rams I have seen

Thanks a bunch! I am going to try to hook up with matt13!


I think you could do rams in that tank, maybey a little more cover is needed but nothing too dramatic, also you could do Apistogramas if you dont think you could do the rams
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