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German Blue and Electric Blue offspring

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Hello Everyone, new to the forum, but for the past 3 years I've been doing experiments with mixing the two strains of the German Blue and the Electric blue rams and about 8 months ago I had my first successful batch of colors, traits, and smaller size I wanted to achieve!

The Experiment:
For my personal reference I wanted to see if I'd be able to get the the black markings and pink belly from the GBR and get more intense electric blue iridescent spects.

Out of the 15 frys that survived I got 3 true electric blues no markings, 10 regular looking GBR's and 2 that was really close for what I was going for. The two that I'm keeping have the black markings of the GBR with a pale body with intense electric blue scales, fins are also a vibrant blue with red tips, the overall size of all 15 frys are about 1/2in smaller then my other 8 months GBR and Electric blues, i did breed the size down 1/2in after doing some selective breeding after my first couple of spawning 3 years ago.

I'm Also in the works of trying to breed a new color strain for these rams! I've notice that I have alot of females that are nearly a purple color and I've been working on a year long experiment trying to get that strain so I'll keep you guys posted on how that goes maybe i'll be able to get some electric purple rams!!!!!
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