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Generic noob HC problems. Care to help?

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Starting a 12" cube garden soon and I keep receiving conflicting information regarding HC. :confused:

I was always told HC needs medium light. I bought a med-light fixture and now Im being told HC needs high light. Im a bit frustrated and confused.

As mentioned before, its a 12" cube with a 12" FugeRay fixture. There will be minimum 2" substrate everywhere and a steep slope in one corner, ~6" high from the bottom of the glass. According to the par ratings, it will give me medium light everywhere. From what I understand, HC can grow well under those lighting conditions. Am I horribly wrong or is the internet lying to me again? :icon_roll
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HC doesn't NEED high light. It can grow under borderline low-medium light as well. It's just that it grows faster under high light.
My understanding was its more dependant on co2 but obviously light has a bearing.
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