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Hi all Ive been on here for a few months now and feel confident enough to try some dry ferts. I had been using Flourish Comp (intermitantly due to algae isssues) but the bottle is almost gone and I have now been informed it only does Micro nutrients anyways so.. I want to buy some dry ferts. I need them for 3 or more planted setups, so I realize that the dosing would be adjusted for each tanks size and needs. I will be using them on both low tech and hi tech setups, one is dirted the other 2 are inert w/flourish root tabs, the root tabs only have 2 months on them.
The plants I have are, to the best of my knowledge, common names:
Corkscrew Val,
Nana Val,
Italian Val,
Dwarf Sag,
Dwarf Hairgrass,
Bronze Wenditi,
Amazon Sword,
Kliener Bar Sword,
Java Fern,
Java Fern Lace,
Java Moss,
Green Myrio,
Red Myrio,
Bacopa (Carolina?)
Wow didnt realize I was up to that many:icon_eek:
So Im looking for a 20-30$ shipped, set of dry ferts that will feed my plants in many different setups. Anybody got any good suggestions?
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