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Hi all Ive been on here for a few months now and feel confident enough to try some dry ferts. I had been using Flourish Comp (intermitantly due to algae isssues) but the bottle is almost gone and I have now been informed it only does Micro nutrients anyways so.. I want to buy some dry ferts. I need them for 3 or more planted setups, so I realize that the dosing would be adjusted for each tanks size and needs. I will be using them on both low tech and hi tech setups, one is dirted the other 2 are inert w/flourish root tabs, the root tabs only have 2 months on them.
The plants I have are, to the best of my knowledge, common names:
Corkscrew Val,
Nana Val,
Italian Val,
Dwarf Sag,
Dwarf Hairgrass,
Bronze Wenditi,
Amazon Sword,
Kliener Bar Sword,
Java Fern,
Java Fern Lace,
Java Moss,
Green Myrio,
Red Myrio,
Bacopa (Carolina?)
Wow didnt realize I was up to that many:icon_eek:
So Im looking for a 20-30$ shipped, set of dry ferts that will feed my plants in many different setups. Anybody got any good suggestions?

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EI recipe from the sticky at the top of this forum.
50% H20 change-weekly
1/4 Tsp-KN03 3x a week
1/16 Tsp-KH2P04 3x aweek
1/2 Tsp-GH booster once a week
5ml or 1/16Tsp-Trace 3x a week
1-2ml-Fe/Iron 3x a week
If you are running a high tech 20 gallon you would highly likely be dosing those amounts. There is enough K in the KNO3 and KH2PO4 that you do not have to add more K from K2SO4, but you could.
GH booster is dosed per the needs of the tank. Test. If the GH is dropping, the plants are using Ca and Mg in significant amounts, then dose just enough to keep it stable or rising a bit through the week.

I get ferts form
but any of the suppliers could work. Lets figure out what you need, then you can look for the best deal. Someone may have a package deal that just matches what you need.

Starting with the EI recipe, (or something close) I would buy these ratios for high tech tanks:
1 lb KNO3
1/4 lb KH2PO4
1/4 lb K2SO4 (just in case)
1/4 lb CSM+B
1/4 lb Chelated Iron
That would work well with the high tech tanks. With high lights and CO2 these plants are well able to remove all the nitrogen that you are adding from fish food, so they need a pretty complete dosing recipe. Same ratios for a low tech tank with very light stocking.
Mixing: One bottle for N, P and K.
Other bottle for CSM+B and Fe.

If all you had were low tech tanks with lots of fish, something that kept the NO3 up a bit, then I would order it more like this:
1/4 lb KNo3
1/4 lb KH2PO4
1 lb K2SO4
1/4 lb CSM+B
1/4 lb Chelated iron.
The reason is this:
Fish food offers enough N, P and most micros for a low tech tank. Not much K or Fe. This is the ratio I used for a long time. Small amounts of N and P, but a lot more K.

Since you have both sorts of tanks, lets approach it from another point of view:
What is the NO3 test right before a water change?
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