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Been lurking here for a couple of years. Seems like I know many of the frequent posters! Want to thank all that contribute. It's been a lot of help.

I've kept FW fish off and on since I was a child. But never kept plants. However, the knowledge available today for plant keeping has made it irresistible.

Bought a couple of 40Bs 2 years ago. Due to time constraints, just started the 1st one about a month ago. It will be the planted farm w/ no critters. The other will become a Q tank.

Starting off slowly, I've accumulated a handful of plants from Petco, Petsmart (little tubes), and our local club. Dry ferts from NilogG and CO2 from DIY yeast. Lighting is a single Finnex 24/7. All plants are healthy, with no melting. I attribute the success thus far from the knowledge shared by all of you. Thanks!

Long term plans are pressurized CO2 and a 120 (4x2) display tank.
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