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I'm not really remembering which I had between the T5 or T8 because I have two 10g
tanks having one type on each. But if memory serves it was good viewing level of light
but for some reason it went out soon after it was put a few weeks.
I'm fairly sure it was a T8 because I hadbeen going through that bulb changing thing
in the tank/w those on it in an attempt to find 2 bulbs that would not overkill, but would
work well together to grow plants.
I think the one I had was the victum of rough handling. But I seem to recall it growing plants well.

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Thanks for the input. I believe I am going to get the 10 pack for $33. Seems like a good deal on lights. I picked up 2 t-8 shop lights from Home Depot yesterday for my plant grow out tanks. One was a 3 bulb T-8, the other a 2 bulb. They have a black diamond plate exterior, and a very shiny silver underside. Acts pretty much like a fair reflector. Both fixtures for $70-the bulbs. I am hoping this inexpensive lighting option will grow plants. If not then its not that expensive of a mistake:wink:
I'll keep you all posted on how it works out.
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